As I (Janel) was working on the book portion of this project, I kept running into women that are struggling in one form or another. Whether with finances, grief, loneliness, chronic illness, or loss, women are hurting.

In response to that, I would like to start a collection of pure-hearted offerings. I’m not sure what form this will take yet, but if you are so inspired, please submit your blessing, prayer, or short encouragement to share with other women.

These word offerings could include:

  • the words that you need hear.

  • a short description of an activity that helps you when you are hurting.

  • a prayer

  • a dream for the reader

Initially these will probably be shared online. But if we get enough, we might be able to publish them into a book to share as well.


Please complete the form below to contribute:

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If you do not want your name used, please submit what would be comfortable with you.
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