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Janel Apps Ramsey

Janel Apps Ramsey is the Co-Director of Brew Theology, an organization that helps create communities of conversation. She holds an MA in Theological Studies from Nazarene Theological Seminary. She has served in ministry for over 20 years in every capacity from teaching and preaching, to music ministry and youth. She has hosted a house church for the last 3 years and enjoys working with people in their faith transitions. She lives in Denver, CO with her husband, Baird. You can find her on most social channels @jlaramsey and at her website www.womenandchurch.com.


Thomas Jay Oord

Thomas Jay Oord is a theologian, philosopher, and scholar of multi-disciplinary studies. Oord was awarded a PhD and MA from Claremont Graduate University and MDiv from Nazarene Theological Seminary. He is the author or editor of 25 books and a multi-award-winning speaker and lecturer. He is married to his wife Cheryl, and they have three daughters, a son-in-law, and granddaughter. For more on Oord, see his website (thomasjayoord.com) or interact with him on most social channels @thomasjayoord


You may be wondering what the logo for Women Experiencing Faith means. What you are seeing is a dove sitting on a pomegranate. This image came from an item Janel saw at the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit while it was in Denver. The women contributors proposed a fruit theme for the website, so it seemed like a great way to combine the two as a reflection of the fruit of our labors.

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The dove and the pomegranate are both ancient symbols from the Middle East. They represent women generally and often fertility, more specifically.

This logo was designed by Kyle Ramsey-Sumner of RS Design Co. Kyle is a dear friend and you can read his wife’s essay in the book.



This is the artifact that inspired our logo. A unique piece of artwork found with the Dead Sea Scrolls. This hand carved, wooden artifact is one of a kind. It was found in the Jerusalem and dates to the Bronze Age II (late 9th - early 8th century BCE).


Publishing House

Women Experiencing Faith is published on SacraSage Press.

SacraSage Press publishes high quality books with high quality content that explore themes of spiritual importance in the service of wisdom.