Let Their Voices Speak

This is a space where you can hear the voices of women. Women who believe or have believed. Women from all walks of life. Women still living out their stories.

The Women Experiencing Faith project shares the stories of women telling you how being a woman interacts with, intersects with, and informs their faith practice, experience, or journey. This project is full of a variety of experiences including successes, wounds, growth, hardship, rejection, and embrace.

Welcome to Women Experiencing Faith.


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As the book came together, several themes emerged that helped organize the structure. These are some of themes you will encounter in the book.

Women in Ministry
Being Female
Faith Transition


“It’s time to listen to women’s voices in faith communities. These stories of women and faith arrive in an era when religious institutions are being forced to deal with the changing roles and influence of women. These narratives are deeply personal, sometimes painful, but ultimately uplifting. Reading them gives insight not only into the past, but to future paths that spiritual communities can take to ensure better, more egalitarian treatment for everyone.”
–Elizabeth Humphrey

“These are real stories that don’t sugarcoat one’s life experience. They need to be told, and they need to be heard. You will find yourself crying and standing up cheering throughout these essays & poems. It’s about time the church world allows women across the faith spectrum speak out about their faith experiences: the good, bad and the ugly. And we should all listen ... well!”
—Ryan Miller

”The important experiences shared in this book are both gut-wrenching and inspiring.  More than anything, it highlights courageous and eloquent women whose stories inspired and challenged me to be better in institutions of faith and as an individual in all of my communities (my family, work, neighborhood, and faith communities).  Reading these experiences left me grateful to the women who took the time to share their most authentic and personal stories.  The authors arranged narratives into seven broad categories and the stories are balanced in such a way that provokes the reader to stay engaged with low experiences, high ones, and everything in between.”

— Rob Carroll   


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